On a hot summer day, Anrecson enriched the staff's amateur cultural life, strengthened communication among employees, and eased the pressure on employees.

company carefully planned and organized:)

On the first day, after three hours' drive, we came to the Liuxihe National Forest Park. Although the sun was shining on the top of the head, everyone was enthusiastic.

Under the leadership of the development coach, various group activities were carried out.

Adhering to the tenet of friendship first and competition second, in the process of grouping the completed game activities, not only let everyone become more familiar with each other, but also enhance friendship.

At the same time, it relieves the mental, physical and mental stress, allowing employees to experience the strength of the team, the joy of sports and the joy of competition.

After a restful night, the next day, We took a bus to the Baishuizhai Scenic Spot in Paitan Town, Zengcheng.

Here, the Tropic of Cancer crosses it. The geological environment of the mountains, the peaks and the uprights, the virgin forests, the shoal wetlands and the canyon Tianchi are all rare natural ecological landscapes in Guangdong.

The most striking of these is the Baishuixian Waterfall, the largest waterfall in mainland China with a drop of 428.5 meters.

Although the road to the mountain is hard and dangerous, the road is full of laughter and laughter. Everyone is united, helping each other and encouraging each other, effectively enhancing the sense of collective honor and team cohesion.

This employee travel activity is one of Anrecson's important measures to build a corporate culture, cultivate a talent team and improve the incentive mechanism.

It not only cultivates the staff's sentiments, enhances the collective cohesiveness, but also enables the employees to devote their full enthusiasm to future work and jointly make greater contributions to the development of the enterprise.