32" PVM Monitor

32" PVM Monitor


Public View Monitor (PVM) systems display selected security surveillance video to the public. For example, customers may see live images of themselves as they enter a store or while they are browsing, sending a strong message that video surveillance is in place. Additionally, the presence of an entrance PVM could assist in managing the developing challenge with 'Flash Mobs' that are targeting retail stores. Having their images clearly displayed on the monitor at the store entrance can help to make them reconsider their actions in that particular location. In-store department views and outside walkway or parking lot views can also be displayed in sequential or quad view format on the same PVM.
This effective, convenient surveillance reassures the customers you want and deters undesirable behavior, helping to reduce losses and improve customer relations. Multi-function systems include digital signage, which you can also use to reinforce promotional activities.
Network video is the scalable, flexible and cost-effective route to powerful PVM solutions. The easily integrated technology is proven yet future-proof, with superior image quality. As part of an IP network, it offers remote accessibility along with distributed intelligence.


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