What is the waterproof computer aviation connector

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2023-12-03 22:36:48

In addition to the performance requirements of computers, stability and reliability are also required by customers. Especially for industrial computers, the biggest requirements of some food and drug companies for computers are to have dustproof and waterproof functions, be able to resist corrosion in acid and alkali environments, and provide a good HMI human-computer interaction interface. At this time, there are strong requirements for all aspects of the computer.

Water resistance is a hard requirement for food and drug companies to use computers. However, computers used in such production lines must have a wealth of I/O interfaces to connect to external devices. The I/O interface of the ordinary computer is exposed, and does not have the functions of waterproofing, anti-corrosion, etc. At this time, the aviation linker plays a huge role.

What is aviation connector

Aviation connector is also called aviation plug, which is a component of electrical equipment connector. Generally used in the military industry, aviation plugs are often referred to as aviation plugs. Aviation connectors have various forms, because of their different electrical parameters, different sealing levels, and different circuit protections. On the whole, the choice of aviation connectors should be based on their own project standards, and ensuring the stability and reliability of machinery and equipment is the first choice.

Aviation connector for waterproof computer‍

The most important thing for a waterproof computer is the connector. Generally, the connectors of a waterproof computer include a network port aviation plug connector, a serial aviation plug connector, a DC input aviation plug connector, and a USB interface connector. These connectors have their own unique electrical standards, but when the connector is connected to the computer's internal motherboard, it is generally necessary for the customer to solder according to the wiring definition.

The waterproof computer aviation connector has a super good structural waterproof effect in the form of pressure, so the product has a very fine sealing property, and is generally produced individually in the form of machining during manufacturing. There are aluminum alloy or stainless steel aviation connectors on the material. Because of the complicated manufacturing process, few companies in the country can truly achieve waterproof aviation connectors. Basically, the technology of this project is in the hands of state institutions with military salaries.

Therefore, the price of waterproof computer aviation connectors is much more expensive than ordinary connectors. The cost of an aviation plug connector is 500-800 yuan/piece, and the production cycle takes 3 to 6 months.