Why is the industrial computer in Guangzhou cheaper than in Shenzhen?

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2023-12-03 22:38:45

Shenzhen has a complete industrial control computer industry chain. 80% of the country’s industrial control computers come from manufacturers in Shenzhen, but some customers wonder: Why are industrial control computers cheaper in Guangzhou than in Shenzhen?

For this problem, the editor has also contacted many customers. They have general requirements for the performance of industrial computers and the application environment, but they require the cheaper the price of industrial computers, the better. When the salesperson of the editor company quotes customers, our price will be much higher than the price in Guangzhou, no matter what kind of model configuration.

One day in the general manager’s office, a customer called to ask for a price. After the general manager quoted, these customers did not understand, and they always responded: "Why are your industrial computers so expensive? The price of other people’s homes is yours 2/ 3?" The general manager asked weakly: "Which industrial computer are you looking for?" The customer said it was from Guangzhou. The general manager responded politely, and there is no way we can do the price over there.

Customers don’t even understand: "Why are you a factory, and the one in Guangzhou is a trader, we need the same configuration of industrial computers, they can do it but you can’t?"


To put it bluntly, the price of industrial computer is supplied by electronic components, design stability, application working environment, after-sales service, etc., which directly affect the price.

Many parts of the stability of industrial computers are related to the research and development of industrial motherboards and the materials used. In addition, for hard electronic products such as CPU, memory, and hard disks, new first-hand materials are also closely related to second-hand materials. Shenzhen Anrecson industrial computer is more expensive than Guangzhou traders, and it is also in electronic materials.

When a large part of Guangzhou's traders promote a certain type of industrial computer, they will find a low-end industrial computer supplier that uses second-hand materials. Their goal is to maximize profits. For the cheaper industrial computer , The better they sell. In terms of after-sales, there may be only one deal or compromise exchange. For example, some traders in Guangzhou buy 100 units when their customers buy industrial computers, and they will send 2 more units to the customers for backup. The purpose is If there is a problem, the customer can replace it directly, without having to find them directly. Even if they find a trader, they may not understand the problem of the industrial computer failure.

Guangzhou's trade is relatively developed. There are many middlemen who purchase goods from Shenzhen and sell them from Guangzhou to make a difference. If their purchase prices are the same as the mid-to-high-end prices in Shenzhen, then the middlemen will have no profit at all.

Therefore, the traders in the industrial control computer in Guangzhou must have a low purchase price, and the price they can achieve is as cheap as some source manufacturers in Shenzhen could not have imagined.